Active participating in the congress will help to:

  1. To disseminate information about effects of cannabis consumption on health, for both active and passive smokers, and the benefits of not smoking.
  2. To extend and disseminate the information about current legislation on cannabis.
  3. To spread information about the therapeutical effects of cannabis.
  4. To make parents, teachers, health workers and community leaders aware of the role model they play concerning the acquisition of healthy habits.
  5. To provide information to teachers and health professionals about the public health problem represented by cannabis consumption (in most cases together with cigarettes), current trends on starting ages and the increasing abuse in teenagers, stressing the importance of their participation in preventing the take-up of the addiction among non smokers.
  6. To disseminate information about the pernicious effects of to cannabis smoke for second hand smokers, highlighting the importance of to do not smoke during pregnancy or in front of the children, old people and patients.  
  7. To boost preventive and educative intervention of teachers and health workers, reinforcing the non smoking behaviour among the population (young people first and foremost).
  8. To provide teaching staff with training resources about cannabis-cigarettes prevention and to foster the inclusion of Education for Health at school